History of Saddle Creek Farm

Ben & I both rode horses when we were younger as much as we could. Living in lower Bucks County, Pa our opportunities were limited, but you do what you can as a kid to get on the back of a horse. Our first home was in the Pocono area; we moved there in 1992. We loved it there, but then they decided to build houses behind us. It took away from the natural beauty that we loved. So it was time move and buy our very first farm. We missed horses in our lives.

We decided to move closer to our jobs in the Bethlehem area. We settled on 18 acres in Barto, Pa. It was a rocky start there. As we were closing Ben’s heart needed some attention. It was determined that his arteries needed to be cleaned out. After that, all was well with the heart, but in late 2000 another set back. Ben's left leg got weak. We went to the family doctor who then sent us to a neurologist. After many test they came up with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis; what a blow to everything. We were forced to decide-do we continue with our dream-or sell and go back to a life with out horses. Well,once you have these large animals in your life, and out your back door, it is hard to give them up. We decided to carry on.

We were given an opportunity to care for thoroughbred broodmares and their foals at our new farm. We also became involved with a rescue for large animals,and we started to grow our own herd of Hereford beef cattle. Then we wanted to do more for ourselves. We wanted more land.

Our second farm of 43 acre’s is the one we're on now, and is where we hope to stay! We are for the most part a self sustained operation, we grow and harvest our own hay, but we do purchase the grain that is fed to all the animals.

We worked hard for all that we have, and did it all on our own, with the help and support of our families and several wonderful friends, despite all of Ben's physical set backs. In 2006 we decided to put a name to this place and chose Saddle Creek Farm. The farm became my full time job. Ben worked full time as an assistant operations manager at a demolition company, and farmed part time. I worked part time as a nurse. Many late night dinners, lack of sleep, and what ever other sacrifices we needed to make to have it what it is today, and so far these are the things we have to offer; 
A pole barn that was constructed in 2005 is 40’ x 60’, with 12’ x 12’ Box stalls. A 70’ x 140’ Indoor arena constructed in early 2009. In late 2010 we decided to add on to the indoor with a 24'x60' addition with four 12’ x 12’ box stalls, office/tack room, feed room and a wash stall. We also added a 43'x70’ paddock area for year round turn out with a 10’ x 12’ shed, heated water trough for the winter and other large turn out areas for the horses that are stall boarded.

We are continuously working on the improvements here, so bear with us, we are still growing. We are a small family owned facility and we strive to do what ever is needed to make it part of your family. We care for your horse as if it were our own.
Saddle Creek Farm